24 hours against Censorship

While we are focusing ourselves on our elections, that is, the US primaries and the municipal elections in France, elsewhere around the world bloggers are trying to speak about their lives through their blogs. Well, yes you know that, and sure it's kind of easy to do with all these do-it-yourself platforms.

However, it's not so easy everywhere. Not so easy to blog because you need access to the Internet.
Not so easy to publish because you need the authorities' permission...
Authorizations that take days, weeks or months when they are not just outright denied.

Denied mostly because of the words used, denied because they write about their lives...
Because life, in some country is worth less then the stability of a regime...

Well, you might say "a blog won't change a thing". In Chinese cybercafés, "Everybody is asked for identification, and has to be registered. Like most places within Chinese cities, even the rooms are observed by cams," explains the artists behind picidae project.

And some would Imagine the ability to access the internet has no importance. Well, surely you didn't hear the Cyber-rebels story of those guys sharing the video of a rebellion caught on a cellphone. So this is about speaking out loud about real lives. And while we are somewhat assured of our freedoms, some states are training themselves on very high technology to stop this freedom of speech. Some huge companies on that subject are complying to demands that lead people to jail.

The fact is that internet access is very important. Big countries are stronger than big companies but not stronger than people or blogs. So the more we defend our freedoms, the more freedoms we get. The most important thing is that these bloggers out there feel supported in their expression of freedom of speech.

So my dear friend, Act! And have a look at this website : http://www.rsf.org/24h/. The Facebook event is here.
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